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諸事情あり Hacker Rank の Bash 試験の練習問題を解きました!
いろいろあって悲しかったので、昇華するための output です。

Linux Shell/Bash

  1. Let’s Echo Write a bash script that prints the string “HELLO”.
echo "HELLO"
  1. Looping and Skipping Your task is to use for loops to display only odd natural numbers from 1 to 99.
for i in {1..99}
    if [ $((i % 2)) = 1 ] 
        echo $i
  1. Looping with Numbers Use a for loop to display the natural numbers from 1 to 50.
for i in {1..50}
    echo $i
  1. A Personalized Echo Write a Bash script which accepts as input and displays the greeting “Welcome (name)”.
read name
echo Welcome $name
  1. The World of Numbers Given two integers, X and Y , find their sum, difference, product, and quotient.
read X
read Y

ADD=$((X + Y))
SUB=$((X - Y)) 
PROD=$((X * Y))
DIV=$((X / Y))

echo $ADD
echo $SUB
echo $PROD
echo $DIV
  1. Comparing Numbers Given two integers, X and Y , identify whether XY or X=Y.
read X
read Y

if [ $(( X>Y )) = 1 ] ; then
    echo "X is greater than Y"
elif [ $(( Y>X )) = 1 ] ; then
    echo "X is less than Y"
    echo "X is equal to Y"
  1. Getting started with conditionals Read in one character from STDIN.
  • If the character is ‘Y’ or ‘y’ display “YES”.
  • If the character is ‘N’ or ‘n’ display “NO”.
  • No other character will be provided as input.
read ANS

case $ANS in
    "" | [Yy]* )
        echo "YES"
    "" | [Nn]* )
        echo "NO"
  1. More on Conditionals Given three integers (X, Y, and Z) representing the three sides of a triangle, identify whether the triangle is scalene, isosceles, or equilateral.
  • If all three sides are equal, output EQUILATERAL.
  • Otherwise, if any two sides are equal, output ISOSCELES.
  • Otherwise, output SCALENE.
read X
read Y
read Z

if [ $(( X==Y && Y==Z )) = 1 ] ; then
    echo "EQUILATERAL"
elif [ $(( X!=Y && Y!=Z )) = 1 ] ; then
    echo "SCALENE"
    echo "ISOSCELES"
  1. Arithmetic Operations A mathematical expression containing +,-,*,^, / and parenthesis will be provided. Read in the expression, then evaluate it. Display the result rounded to 3 decimal places.

RESULT=`echo "scale=4; $FORMULA" | bc`
printf "%.3f" $RESULT
  1. Compute the Average Given N integers, compute their average, rounded to three decimal places.


Bash を書いたあとに Python を書くと「import の存在を忘れるなぁ」と、思いました。